Custom Logo Design for Clients in 2017

2017 was a great productive year. I got to work a lot of amazing women from different countries and continents and created some beautiful custom work.
Here I am reviewing ten different custom designs I create for my clients, based on their requests and creative briefs.

In 2017, I used a lot of digital watercolor and digital shimmer in my work. I used a lot of calligraphy style script fonts and I used a lot of gold, silver, pink and mint watercolor.
It seems people prefer trendy designs most based on their requests.

The watercolor trend is not going anywhere this year either, a lot of my clients are still into that style, along with lots of shimmer, confetti and glitter.

As you see in my work, I have implemented several different styles of design for each client. For example ‘Mad Photography’ with the little fawn is much more fun, colorful, targeted at kids and families and the Betsy Taylor design is way more serious but still feminine.

Are you looking for custom work for your business? Let’s work together. You can contact me anytime through this link and you can also visit my Etsy shop and browse my work and you can view the pricing of custom logo design here.

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