Find your target audience

Whether you are just starting out or already have an established business, here are a few tips and tricks to find your target audience.

1. Check out your current data
If you have a business page on Instagram or Facebook, you can easily track the demographics data and see the majority of people who are actively engaged with your content. You can easily export this data and use it as a base to grow your business and target other advertising activities for the same demographics.

2. What does your product or service serve?
Once you write down your niche, it will be easy to find your ideal client.
Who does your business serve, how is it different from others, why would someone choose you over another?

3. Write down who is your ideal client
It is difficult to create a list of different people who could buy your product.
Instead, I suggest just creating one single customer in your mind as the perfect, ideal client for you. It could be a woman or a man, someone who has kids and loves baking. Just focus on one person. You can find who is your ideal client by downloading the worksheet from here.

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