Five ways to grow your Instagram followers

If you still have not set up a business account for you Instagram, it should be the first step that you take.

Instagram is one of the most popular apps which will help your brand get the exposure from an international audience.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, you also have to register on Facebook and create a business page.

If you are a business, you should absolutely switch to a business account. You’ll get statistics, you get to monitor your followers, you get the count of impressions on each post and not to mention, you can include your business or email address and telephone.

I know, some people dislike Facebook, but you can just make an account and not really use it. So set up your account, create a business page, choose carefully your business type (research well so you don’t use the wrong title) such as ‘a local business’ ‘a public figure’ ‘personal blog’ ‘visual arts’ etc. There are so many options to choose from.

After you connect your Instagram to your Facebook, you’ll want to create followers and attract new clients.

So here are some steps which have been very effective for me personally for my business.

1. Create beautiful and accurate content.

No one likes to be spammed with advertising and bad quality pictures. Make sure your content is 100% accurate, 100% correct with the pricing, details, captions etc. Make sure your full page content is also in harmony with each other. So if you use a color code, stick to it, if you use a theme, stick to it.

2. Create an engaging bio

Write carefully what you do. You can also add an inspirational quote or something personal about you or your business. Add a link.

If you have multiple links, you can use the tool ( instead of updating your bio all the time (it is free)

If you have the possibility, offer something free on your profile. A discount, a promotion, a free article etc.

3. Action based captions

Try to always have an action in your caption. Such as if you wrote an article, add ‘link in bio’ so people go to your profile and check out the link.

If you are reviewing a product, include a link in your bio to the product. If you are only talking about a particular subject, ask questions to engage the audience.

4. Choose the correct hashtags

I personally use up to 18 hashtags. I encourage using hashtags because a lot of people search them to engage with each other and view galleries.

So research well within the app, and choose the correct keywords to search for new hashtags for your business. The more targeted your hashtags, the better the engagement will be. If you use hashtags such as ‘like4like’ you might not attract the correct audience.

5. Use your hashtags to engage with the audience

If you really want to grow your Instagram, you have to engage! Use the hashtags you use for yourself to search for other people and businesses.

Or use the hashtags your target audience might use. Like me, as a logo designer,  since my target audience is photographers, I use the hashtag ‘photographer’ to search for pictures, and like and comment on them. Ideally, you should dedicate at least one hour in a day to only engage with others, like and comment.

Take this steps and watch how your Instagram will grow!

No one likes spam, so make sure you create beautiful content and your comments are well crafted and accurate. Good luck!

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