How to create your own website with WordPress

Hiring a web designer takes a lot of patience and time, not to mention a lot of money.

Nowadays, it is so simple to start your own website with a few clicks and instructions.

Whether you are just starting a new business or you want to blog for fun, here are a few very easy steps, to create your own WordPress hosted website.

Most people do not need the training to use WordPress, if you read each menu command and sidebar names, it will be pretty simple to navigate and customize it.

1. Decide on a domain name and check if it is available

If you already know which domain name you’d like to use, try taking a few days to just sleep on it. If you like it after 1-2 days, go for it! You can check if the desired domain is available on here

2. Buy the domain and hosting
I personally use Dreamhost because they have such easy tools and great client support. I also recommend them, because they have the 1 click install WordPress which I will mention later. So go to this link to register your domain and buy a hosting plan.

You can see the pricing on this page

3. One click install WordPress
So after registering your website domain and buying a hosting plan, log in to your Dreamhost panel and you will see on the left sidebar there is a button which says ‘one-click install’ in there you will see the link to install WordPress immediately.

3. Set up your email address

On the left sidebar, you will see a link which says ‘mails’ there you can easily set up a few email account with a few clicks. Then you can integrate your email on your phone or computer by setting up your username and password and using the correct server names.

4. Choose a theme
I use to search for WordPress themes, you can also check on Just search for ‘Wordpress blog theme’ and you will get a ton of results. These themes come with instructions. So if you buy a theme, it will be easy to follow step-by-step instructions to upload and install your theme and customize.
Wordpress also comes with a lot of free themes!

5. Get a logo made
You can get ready-made logos from my shop for as low as 18$ Cad. All are fully customizable

6. Upload your logo and make your first post
Once you have the logo, it will be easy to finalize the website and make your first post!

7. Publish on social media
Create a Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account so you can market your website to bring traffic

This post may be difficult for some and very easy for others. In case you have any problems with any customization, you can always contact support, whether it’d be for the hosting or the theme. You can also always google any questions you have or need have troubleshooting something.


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