How to watermark your photos on iPhone.

A watermark is an image or a text with your name or business name to use on photos you own to prevent others from stealing them or using them without permission.

Browsing photos or images online, you will always notice artworks or photos have a (c) copyright written on them.

You too can watermark your photos, to protect your art/ work.

In this guide, I will explain to you, step-by-step how to watermark the photos you take for social media on iPhone.
It could be your selfies, creative art, photos of nature, products or any photo file which you have taken yourself.

Before watermarking a photo, make sure the photo belongs to you. You have not taken it from somewhere on the internet.
If you have taken photos of people, make sure the person knows you are publishing their picture on social media or website.

If you have already purchased your logo design or you have your logo design file, save the .PNG file on your iPhone.
If you also have purchased black and white watermarks, save them on your iPhone too.

You can email the files to yourself, use dropbox app or other document sharing apps to have your file downloaded on your iPhone. The .PNG files (they are called small watermark and large watermark) in the zip document that I send you, have no background. The background is transparent. So you can easily add to your photos and scale them.

If you do not have a budget to work with a designer to create your visual identity, you can still create your own by writing © – and your business name or full name or artistic name.

Through my research, I found the best application on iPhone to be Watermark Photo- Add Watermark
You have to purchase it (it is 3.99US$) or you can use the free version but they have their own watermark (lame, I know) that is automatically added to your picture. So paying them will remove their watermark.

After installing the application, add your picture, choose a crop size (or leave at as it is) then choose done.
This step is where you add the watermark. You choose ‘Gallery’ from the bottom menu bar and choose the white, black or color version logo from your photo album, touch and drag to resize and place and choose ‘share’ to save it! You can also upload it to Instagram or Facebook directly from the app or you can save it to your library and upload it at a later time.

The unlocked version also has an extensive font library, so you can also have a text only version watermark.

Pro tip: Make sure you place your logo or text in a flattering way. Not large on top of the picture.
Try to keep the beauty of your work/art as pleasant and clear as possible. Make the watermark small on the bottom right or top left corner.

Hope this was helpful for you!

Contact me anytime you have any questions or comment below your favourite way to watermark pictures.

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